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The higher your business appears in Google search the more leads, clients and profit your business will stand to make.

Professional digital marketing from an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant based in Nottingham will help your business rise above the competition to greater online success.

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What would more clients mean to your business?

Pay off your debts and loans
The freedom that better cash flow brings
Expand into new, smarter premises
Take on more staff
More profits!

We can help you implement an effective web strategy that will bring more customers to your business.

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Jeff Guest Digital Marketing in Nottingham
can help grow your business online

Your customers are using Google to search for the products and services your business provides. By appearing in search engine results at the time your prospective customers have a need for your company you will automatically bring more sales and income to your business.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - helps your business appear higher in the search engine results for the specific terms your prospects are using to find the answers to the problems they have.

Statistically, simply by improving your position in the search engines you stand a better chance of winning more business. SEO can help you improve your Google ranking and help build you a more profitable business.

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"Fantastic Job! Jeff is my kind of person. No beating around the bush – He understood exactly what my brand stood for and executed the job swiftly! With a good listening ear and a can do attitude what else could you ask for in a web designer?" - Jenny Alex, Cleanlets

SEO - Search Engine Opimisation

Fully utilise your website by driving the right visitors and creating opportunities for your business to grow in size and profit.

SEO Website Design

Websites desigend and built with SEO in mind to maximise you online marketing potential.

Not sure where to start with digital marketing. Relax, help is on hand.

Thousands of business owners just like are worrying about how to find new clients online. It’s just so confusing! There are so many social media platforms, search engines and new ones seem to come out every 2 minutes – which one is best for your business? Why doesn’t your website bring in all the enquiries your web designer promised it would? Why doesn’t someone just step up and help sort this out – after all you do have a business to run, let alone the time to be a digital marketing guru.

It’s OK – I can help you grow your business and find new customers.

Online marketing for business of any size

I’m Jeff Guest, a small business owner just like you, and I know exactly how you feel – I’ve been there. I know that you know you should be doing ‘something’ on Facebook, that your website should be far more effective than it is at bringing in leads, my business was the same once.

You are busy running your business and you need someone to help you with:

Filling your social pages with irresistible posts
Generating targeted traffic to your website
Attracting new business with lead magnets
Converting visitors with landing pages

Lets get your business on the road to success with digital marketing – call me on 07557 902389 or send me a message from one of the forms on this site and we’ll schedule an informal chat about where your business is currently, where you want to be and how you are going to get there with effective, affordable digital marketing.

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