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Digital Marketing – 5 Trends to grow your Business in 2018

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

If you keep up with digital marketing trends to create visibility and drive revenue in 2018 then you will probably need to up your game in the coming year. The word on the street is that these 5 major trends will be game changers in 2018. If your business takes advantage of these online marketing tools you’ll have a huge leg up over the competition. Here’s a heads up on how to make the coming year more profitable for you – the 5 digital marketing trends that will help you grow your business in 2018.

Content Marketing – Attract and Engage Prospects

Content has been king, like, forever, right? But it’s certainly not old school and it’s definitely evolving.

More complicated strategies other than simple blogging are being used by small businesses – ebooks, infographics and more. You don’t have to do all that, but you should be finding ways to offer your audience more value in the content you are posting.

People want answers to questions, they want to learn and they need the knowledge to solve their problems. Grab their attention and help them with their issues with consistently awesome content. Do this again and again to keep them interested in you and win repeat business.

70{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} of people say they would rather learn about companies through articles rather than ads.

So it follows that most of the companies that advertise online use content marketing. Content has better returns and budgets are moving towards creating better content in all it’s forms over traditional advertising.

Find out what your audience needs to know and create in-depth, visually stimulating content to attract prospects. Keep them engaged by re-posting and keep your company first in mind when the audience is ready to buy.

There is a sweet spot between balancing services and expertise with answering questions that your audience want’s to learn about. Get the mix right and you’ll find better returns on your web traffic, social media engagement and lead generation.

Video Continues to Dominate

Video marketing trends on mobileVideo terrifies most people. Including me with my flat Derbyshire accent that could suck the life out of any party. But people are 10x more likely to comment on a Facebook live video than on a regular post.

If Facebook Live isn’t for your business then consider incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy. 45{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} of people spend over an hour a week watching videos on YouTube and FaceBook. Do the math – FaceBook has 2 Billion active users, so nearly a billion people are watching an hour of videos every week. That is a staggeringly huge embedded audience for you to tap into!

Video holds the attention of viewers and communicates messages more effectively than text or still images. Businesses that have been using video have been finding huge returns. Video drives massive amounts of engagement, whether its a paid ad or just as content.

Research from Wyzowl indicates that 79{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} percent of consumers surveyed would rather watch a video to learn about a new product then read about it.

Also, “64{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.” So, people are not only watching video but also remembering what they see and actually buying things afterwards!

You can start work on your video marketing strategy by answering common questions that your customers have, either as live streams or as pre-recorded pieces. If you already have loads of content, why not re-purpose that and make short, informative videos and post them on your social media channels?

Facebook Advertising to reach prospects

Facebook ads and Facebook Live marketing trend in 2018FaceBook ads are becoming more and more sophisticated. They are finally at a point where small business marketers on a modest budget can effectively target their audience and gain valuable insights.

Facebook made a whopping $7.6 billion from its 1.3 billion users in the first quarter of 2017 alone. This proves that the audience is there and that other people are in the game – they wouldn’t be there if it didn’t work. This also means that your competition are probably already using FaceBook ads to find customers.

The average cost-per-click for FaceBook advertising is only $1.72 which makes it a very affordable way to grow your customer base, and it’s a very effective way of reaching customers who already spend a great deal of time on the platform. It’s very easy to target your ads and put your message in front of high value clients using very specific demographics.

Now imagine the impact of combining FB advertising and video…

Recent data highlights the fact that social video (basically any kind of branded video or advertisement) generates 1200{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} more shares than text and images combined.

Using Facebook advertising is fast becoming the go-to method to seriously amp up the reach of your messages to prospects and customers. Your ad doesn’t have to be the latest viral video – but it likely will generate more likes, shares and engagement for your brand online.

Instagram Drives Engagement

Instagram is the number one channel out there when it comes to consistent engagement. A recent study by Yopto found engagement on Instagram to be 45{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} greater than Facebook and 40{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} greater than Twitter.

What do I mean when I say ‘engagement’? Basically that over 75{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} of users will take action on an advert that appears in their feed. The same Yopto study found that people are more convinced by user generated photos rather than professional photos. Asking your customers to post photos of your products will flatter the people you are asking and create very credible content for your brand.

Another important factor is how powerful Instagram Influencers are.

“Influencers” are people will tons of followers with loads of engagement. Small businesses can tap into these influencers at a relatively low cost. Niche experts can help drive traffic and direct sales relatively cheaply.

Take the example of RESCUE, for instance. RESCUE wanted to push their range of natural products, and asked a number of micro-influencers and bloggers to share their personal stories and include a “buy one, get one free” coupon with their post. The results? A 258{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} increase in Instagram followers — not to mention over 6,00 clicks to the coupon site.

Success stories like these show that without doubt that leveraging micro influencers to drive sales and conversion will be a major social media trend in 2018.

Businesses who aren’t optimised for Mobile will be left behind

Oh my god! There are still businesses out there who have websites that don’t work on mobile devices. Really? This has been top of the list for SEO and visitor conversion for over 3 years now and still there are businesses out there who still don’t get it.

Over 70{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} of web searches will come from mobile by the end of 2018. Google specified in 2015 that having a responsive website was part of their search algorithm. But it’s not just the design, it’s about local optimisation too. You can read more on responsive web design here.

By optimising your business for local results you stand a better chance of appearing in the search results on mobile phones. Mobile search is locally focused, so reviews and accurate information, including things like schema mark up, matter.

Over 50{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} of local searches result in a visit to a physical location, so make sure your hours and address are accurate. People will be searching from their devices whilst on the move and will be wanting to make a decision there and then. They will be looking for reviews to help make their mind up.

Research from BrightLocal points out that 90{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} of people search for reviews of a business before visiting. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Reviews should be good quality and frequent, so never let up on getting reviews from your customers, make it part of your routine.

Make use of these 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 and successfully grow your business

Competing on line is no longer an option in 2018 – you must be at the top of your game to survive. In order to grow your business needs a complete digital marketing strategy.

One that takes advantage of the shifts in Mobile, Social, Video, Reputation, Search and other digital marketing trends.

Make it easy for people to find out about your products and services, cater for their preferences and give the information people need to make a buying decision through helpful content and a mobile-optimised experience.

If you take advantage of these digital marketing trends, you will have a distinct advantage in growing your business over your competition.