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5 Shocking mistakes you need to avoid if you want to build?the best web design

If you are a business with a website, you may think you have one of the best web designs out there, or if not at least it’s your very own piece of internet real estate and it does you proud. But exactly how good is your website, make sure you haven’t made one of these 5 deadly mistakes that could be costing you customers and money.

1. Your website design is in Flash

Websites designed in Flash are getting rare these days, but there still are some about. Flash websites used to look good, but are getting dated, but that’s not the least of it!

Flash websites are invisible to search engines.

That’s right. Google can’t see the words on your website, therefore it struggles with what your website is really about. A website with thin content is difficult to rank, but one that google thinks has no content is simply unplaceable.

Apple iOS won’t use Flash

Apple and Adobe (owners of Flash) fell out ages back and now Apple devices don’t support Flash on any way, so a Flash website is invisible to some 6 million iPhone users and 2.5?million iPad users. Not ideal

Add to this that even back in 2009 research showed that Flash based websites decreased visitor response by a massive 370{f5b33d95f7f254b1589baa1fdbba1c06f1c4679eb1514e4c27da6e662326cefe}, anyone who has a Flash website and isn’t scanning Yell for a new web designer must have a very good reason not to, and if you are that person please let me know what on earth that reason could be!

2. You put EVERYTHING you do on your homepage

There are very valid reasons for trying to tell visitors to your website about everything you can do for them – who wants to miss out on a potential sale? Not me. The problem with this ‘internet catalogue’ approach is that the home page is so cluttered and busy that the visitor can see what they want quick enough and clicks away to look at the competition. Problem is, too much choice is a bad thing.

Was proved in the famous college experiment where student set out a table to sell home made jam. On day one they put out 3 types of jam and sold a respectable amount. A few weeks later they set out the table again and this type put every type of jam on it. The same amount of customers came to the table, but only a very small amount of jam was sold. Nobody could decide what they wanted, and opted not to buy as that was the easiest decision. The answer to the problem on your website is set out your core product or service and put the rest in the navigation. If you want to promote other products / services, create separate landing pages.

3. You copy the wording from your competition

This is the easy way to build your new company website – just copy and paste from a similar business and hey presto instant website. However duplicate content is a deadly sin as far as google is concerned, and will only rate one page if there are several with the same text on it, usually the older of the two. So if you have just scraped your content from someone else’s website, Hey Presto! no search engine rankings and no customers.

There are plenty of affordable professional writers out there who will write well thought out, informative and persuasive sales text for your website. Call one and bring your website back from purgatory.

4. Your web pages don’t have enough words on them

This is called thin content and is another no-no in Ranking factors with Google. The big G like to see sites that are authorities in their field. Apparently to do this an informative and helpful web page or post must have at least 300 words, ideally around 1000 words. By not having the ‘correct’ amount of words on your page your site will not be thought of as an authority site and won’t rank as highly as other more wordy sites. You may think this is not right, and you have said all you need to say succinctly and to the point so you don’t bore your visitors and get your point across with brevity, but Google says it’s their football* and they’ll take it home if you don’t play their way, so get writing.

*In fact Google own the football, the pitch, the town, the football factory and the entire world.

5. You have no marketing experience when you design your website.

1&1 have a really inspiring advert on the TV at the moment where you can design your own website for free and suddenly your struggling business is flooded with customers and the world is cured of all known ills*. Really? I know a few mechanics and they are very intelligent, skilled and hard working people. But the idea that?they are going to sit down with an iPad and design a website from scratch that attracts thousand of pounds worth of business while watching Eastenders and bit of Corrie is preposterous.

Small businesses spend thousands on getting a modest amount of business, big businesses spend gazillions on a lot of business, so how is Joe the plumber going to crack it in one evening? He’s not. He or she may discover hidden talents and create a great looking website, but without the experience of knowing how internet marketing works, it’s going to bomb and that’s a fact. Most of the sites created on free platforms from internet hosting providers look bloody awful, but most companies stick with them long after they should have ditched them and sought out professional help because either the business owner or a close family relation built them. “Look, aren’t I clever mummy?” “No dear, you are a hard working, well intentioned but gullible person who should have known better.”

*OK, maybe I’m exaggerating on this one.

The answer to all these problems is simple.

Hire professionals to design and market your website.

Yes it will cost ‘more money’. Yes you will make that money back straight away and continue to make more money. Your return on investment will be a hundred fold, and it’s the only really viable option. And even if you don’t end up with one of the best web designs ever made, you will have an effective and valuable tool for your business, which is a far better thing all together.