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Six really easy steps for magical first place listing for local SEO? Really?? Well, maybe not?really?easy, but here’s a basic outline of what you could an should be doing to get better results from local search.

I’m a local guy – I live locally, I work locally, and everywhere I’ve been it’s been quite near to me, and since I began freelancing most of my customers are local. Of course, it’s all relative – in this case to where you live – but whilst I’m engaged in website design for Sheffield and Chesterfield companies it’s very clear that everybody with a website, no matter how tech savvy they are, is starting to realise that their shiny new website will live or die by the amount of quality traffic it receives. Basically, people looking for their particular products or services and that are ready to buy, or at least enquire.

But how do I get my website on Google for local search?

2 ways really – either pay me (or someone like me, but I’d rather it was me) to build you an ace WordPress website with a blog on on it and leave it with me, satisfaction guaranteed plug, plug, or get your proverbial hands dirty and get wrestling with the Mighty Google, god of local search (and everything else it seems, although they haven’t brought out a designer clothing brand yet).

For all the lazy arses out there I’ll give you the bones of the theory, the anoraks and more serious local SEO wannabe’s can read on..

  1. ?Find keywords and phrases people are using in search engines, put them into your site. And images. And everywhere you can and link back to your site, and don’t put links in dodgy places or you’ll get tarnished with the same brush, and the mighty G is a bit sniffy about the company your website keeps.
  2. Start a blog, give all your secrets away, piggy ?back on local news and events. Install utilities on your site so visitors can share your content. Seriously, give all your secrets away in ‘how-to’ posts, you’ll get credibility and respect from your readers, and those that fail will call the most trusted and respected specialist they know – you – to fix it when it all goes wrong.
  3. Get on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare. Get your staff, friends and family to mention you online as much as possible. Hopefully they’ll say good things. If they don’t say good things, either sack them or have them ‘taken care of’, but DONT post that on your blog!
  4. Google plus, google maps, google local places pages, whatever other new product google brought out in the time it took me to type this. Get on them.
  5. Get your customers to review you on your site and on social (esp. G+). If you have a wordpress site install plugins so you can get reviews on the spot. Don’t write your own reviews or you’ll be on page 1 million of Google forever.
  6. Publish some more content on your blog. You do have a blog, don’t you?

Local search doesn’t sound that simple to me….

Ok, Ok, so I called this post ‘6 steps to get your site on Google local search’ and all I’ve done is be a bit glib and funny (in my own mind only) and glossed over what is essential a never ending hill you must climb for all eternity – but for the sake of your business climb the mountain of local search you must. Thing is, don’t be afraid to try. No one is going to laugh because 95{f5b33d95f7f254b1589baa1fdbba1c06f1c4679eb1514e4c27da6e662326cefe} of the businesses engaged in facebook marketing haven’t got a clue what they are doing, they are just throwing it out there and seeing what sticks. Get on with it and you’ll find what works for you.

By Jeff Guest