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I’ve been?an Adobe Photoshop designer for many years, it’s always been an essential tool for many things, from weird, trippy acid house flyer backgrounds back in the day, photomontages (“can the statue of liberty be holding a pint of John Smiths?”) to generally fixing and repairing crappy photos and design work, so I’ve been eager to try out the latest version, Photoshop CS6, and specifically the ‘content aware’ fill. Well, I finally got my chance today, and I’d like to share my findings with you.

Both myself and Bobby from Towertech, who happened to be around at the time, were to say the least amazed. I’ll talk you through it:

Adobe Photoshop designer project

adobe photoshop designer image 1

The original photoshop image with rough selection, ready for deletion

1. The original image was to be used on a delegates note book for an upcoming Lactation Consultants of Great Britain conference. The brief was to remove a portion of the pushchair and close in the shot to the 2 women and the feeding baby. So I thought I’d give the content aware function a little run round the block, as ir were. So I sketched a rough path round all of the pushchair using the lasso tool – you can see the outline as a dashed line.

adobe photoshop designer 2

2. Press delete and hey presto, a good seamless blend.

2. Not really knowing what to do next, I pressed the delete button, and selected to fill with the ‘content aware’ option. The results were quite spectacular. Yes, it looks like there’s a bizarre ghost image of the lady’s head and the trees are in the lake, but look at the edges, a seamless blend. Photoshop has healed and replaced the removed image at the edges perfectly, it’s even rebuilt the bottom corner of the blue checked shirt!

Adobe photoshop designer 3

3. A bit of clone stamp action and we’re ready to go!

3. So all that’s left is a bit of clone stamping and that’s it, nasty designer pushchair removed to be replaced with mother nature. The best bit – the whole thing took 2 minutes (plus a further 5 minutes of 2 design geeks going “Wow!”, “Amazing” and “No way!”.

So the Adobe Photoshop CS6 designer tool gets two thumbs up from me as in this case it’s done a good job very quickly (and the client was very happy with the results too. Next job, let’s try out a Photoshop web design.