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10 website improvements you can do today to get more business

10 website improvements to get more business from your website

10 website improvements you can do today to get more leads and customers from your site. Do you want more business from your website? If you are in business, chances are you have a website, and you probably think that it’s doing a good job… probably? Well, you can never be 100{f5b33d95f7f254b1589baa1fdbba1c06f1c4679eb1514e4c27da6e662326cefe} sure so here’s a quick […]

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How to make a Client Profile

How to make a client profile avatars

How to make a client profile, and why your website needs one Free Customer Avatar Builder to help you win more business [email-download download_id=”1623″ contact_form_id=”1621″] Why do you need to know how to make a client profile? and what is one anyway? is it deeply guarded black magic marketing trick, or just a sideways view […]

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How Responsive Web Design makes your business more profitable

How responsive web design can make your business more profitable

How Responsive web design makes your business more profitable Responsive web design. You may not be aware of the term, but it’s one of the most important things to happen to websites in the last few years. In fact, by adopting responsive web design you could be potentially increasing your customer base by a whopping […]

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What is Content Marketing?

What is content marketing

What is content marketing and why does your business need it? Find out how running a business blog will help you find new customers and grow your business. What is Content Marketing? Content marketing has two major benefits for your business. Put simply: SEO – it’s the essential tool for Search Engine Optimisation It attracts visitors […]

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Your Marketing Strategy is a waste of money!

Marketing Strategy Tracking

Any business of any size some sort of marketing strategy in place, but very few complete the process because they fail to track marketing results, so they have no idea which of their marketing efforts works. For all they know, they could be wasting thousands of pounds on newspaper advertising when their most successful marketing […]

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How I Made my Work Better


I’m dead clever me. 20 Years as a designer and marketer there’s not much I don’t know and nothing you can’t tell me. I know it all, you don’t Mr. Customer so leave me to get on with the work you are paying me to do and don’t interfere. So why was my work starting […]

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How to survive the Summer Holidays

Work from home

Holiday Time Management for those who Work from Home – some things you can do to run your home business without abandoning your kids in the summer vacation. Work from home? Got Kids? Going insane during the summer holidays? Yep – know how you feel! Fortunately I’ve got a plan to help me to be a […]

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The Four Steps to a More Effective Website

effective web design

The Four Steps to a More Effective Website It takes a long time to create a really effective website. And a lot of money. Oh, and you need to make a lot of schoolboy type errors and newbie gaffs along the way. Here’s how it’s done (clue – there is an easier way at the […]

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How to Increase Website Traffic

web design mistakes

Your website is your business premises online, and like any shop on the high street, without customers walking in off the street to make purchases, there is no business. Many businesses have a website, but many struggle with how to increase website traffic, or how to find any business from their online marketing. A shop […]

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6 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Web Designer

hire a freelance web designer

Why should you hire a freelance web designer? Well, there’s loads of reasons to hire a freelance web designer, or any freelancer for that matter. We are a bunch of eager, capable and caring experts that are ready to work just for you. We come into your business and add our skills to your pool […]

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