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Category: Graphic Design

Little Red Smokehouse Logo Design

Here’s an example of a Logo design for a stylish new Diner in Chesterfield through Print Engine UK Ltd, a printer in Chesterfield. The brief was to design a logo in line with the decor and feel of the restaurant, an old American diner style with lots of seasoned wood.

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Royalty Free Images

One of the biggest problems I come across time and time again is sourcing good quality images to go on projects. Good quality, relevant photos really make the difference between and OK site and a great site, and it’s so often overlooked, or clients provide photos or graphics they’ve made themselves. Trouble with this is, […]

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Indesign for web design?

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve recently got hold of Creative Suite CS6 and I’ve been putting it through it’s paces. This week I had a chance to try out Indesign for web design. I love Indesign, it’s nearly always my weapon of choice for design for print, but I’ve never done any web work with […]

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Adobe Photoshop designer try out

I’ve been?an Adobe Photoshop designer for many years, it’s always been an essential tool for many things, from weird, trippy acid house flyer backgrounds back in the day, photomontages (“can the statue of liberty be holding a pint of John Smiths?”) to generally fixing and repairing crappy photos and design work, so I’ve been eager […]

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