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google algorithm update forces mobile web design


Google Algorithm Update will force?businesses to adopt mobile web design – or else! The forthcoming Google algorithm update is bad news for any website that isn’t mobile friendly. The SEO community has long been aware that Google likes mobile web design: In the past, we?ve made updates to ensure a site is configured properly and […]

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5 Effective Website Design Tips

web design tips

5 Effective Website Design Tips Here’s 5 web design tips to help you create a more effective website. By design I don’t just mean the look and feel of the website, although this is important, but creating the structure and purpose of the site and how it is going to achieve it’s goals. In order […]

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5 Shocking mistakes you need to avoid for the best web design

web design mistakes

5 Shocking mistakes you need to avoid if you want to build?the best web design If you are a business with a website, you may think you have one of the best web designs out there, or if not at least it’s your very own piece of internet real estate and it does you proud. […]

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6 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Web Designer

hire a freelance web designer

Why should you hire a freelance web designer? Well, there’s loads of reasons to hire a freelance web designer, or any freelancer for that matter. We are a bunch of eager, capable and caring experts that are ready to work just for you. We come into your business and add our skills to your pool […]

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Best WordPress Plugins

My best WordPress plugins for web design I use WordPress every day to build and run websites for my clients in and around Nottingham. For those who aren’t aware, WordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System), which in English means it’s free blogging platform. Only it’s more than that, it’s been on steroids […]

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Why great landing page design matters

“What is a landing page, and why does my website need one?” I hear you say. Well I don’t, but I imagine you saying it and that’s good enough. A landing page is a page on a website designed specifically to receive traffic from a certain location or source. This could be for an offer, […]

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