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4 things you can do to keep your business running and growing in the face of severe winter weather warnings

Don’t let winter weather freeze your business this year by preparing for the worst and using the situation to your advantage.

What with the every jolly weather forcasters predicting the worse winter for years, you could be forgiven for not expecting too much in the way of growing your business for the next few weeks. However, don?t despair as there?s loads of things you can do to prepare your small business for winter weather.

1. Make sure your site is mobile friendly

Having your website to go could help you ? power outages (cuts, as we say in blighty), working from home or hotels, idle browsing whilst stationary in traffic are all reasons to make sure you can be found and understood by mobile devices. 

E commerce can still be done from a mobile so store owners make sure your web store is smartphone and credit card friendly and remember to use those mobile search terms (?find a hotel near me? (mobile, voice search) vs ?hotel Nottingham? (desktop). Booking systems, maps and contacts all need to be easily found, so weigh up the advantages and disadvantage of responsive vs mobile web site design

2. Go social

If we?re all snowbound then all your customers will be on facebook. Post relevant content on your wall and if possible perhaps run an ad campaign to make sure your name appears in front of your potential customers eyes in those idle moments.

Twitter, G+ and YouTube are all massive search engines so post your seasonal photos and writings, use keywords and investigate relevant hashtags. Make a video of your establishment still functioning in the adverse conditions and put it online, with keyword description, to appear in search results for related terms.

Go out online and make new friends, post on their timelines and ask how they are doing. Stay in touch and eventually you can draw them into a conversation about your business. Remember, people only buy from those they know, like and trust, so if you are quiet dot sit round the electric fan heater, go get good a social marketing.

3. Prepare

Make sure you and your staff are organised and ready to travel on winter roads, or prepare your staff if possible to be ready to work from home if the nature of your business allows this. 

4. Inform

Keep your staff safe and keep your customers safe, they will appreciate the help and your concern. Stock up on grit and shovels and distribute freely. Offer help and advice on social channels to engage and inform new and existing customers and keep abreast of travel news and further weather warnings to make you the go-to place for more information.

To summarise – use the cold weather to turn up the heat on your marketing campaign and brush up on any areas you aren’t sure about. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and you’ll be surprised at how you new rules of engagement can help your business grow even when it seems like the rest of the country has frozen to a standstill.