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boolavard ecommerce website design

Boolavard.com needed an ecommerce website design that reflected their growing global market.

The Design

Whilst most of the online store’s visitors are female it was felt that the site would need to be ‘gender neutral’ so as not to alienate any male customers. Also, as the store is divided up into growing number of diverse brands, the look and feel of the site had to fit into the various brand’s styling without looking out of place. Also, Andy has plans to market the business as a drop ship supplier with affiliate training, and a trade supply section. Therefore the site needed to be professional and business like, but not unstylish.

Functionality for a global ecommerce website

With it’s new global market the site needed to be:

  • able to display in different languages
  • display products in various currencies.

The language translation and display is provided by Google Translate and the currency is a WooCommerce plugin. The display of the functionality on the site needed some custom coding and php alterations to get it how we liked it. Payment gateway is courtesy of WorldPay.

The Online Store

Each brand of the site has been keyword researched to determine effective long tail keywords in highly competitive niches. By adding optimised category pages as landing pages rather than simply linking to store catalogue pages we are giving each product a better chance of ranking in search engine results. The site will continue to be developed with extensive product reviews and blog posts that support the primary keywords. Video reviews are also under development.

The Platform

The ecommerce site is WordPress based with a clean coded Bootstrap based theme for speed and mobile visitor optimisation. WooCommerce provides the store functionality with various plugins that have been altered to suit our purposes.

The site continues to undergo development and we are all very excited with the progress and can’t wait to build and market the affiliate and trade areas of the site.

Are you looking for an ecommerce website design? Give me a call and arrange a free consultation, and let’s build your global brand!

By Jeff Guest on Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

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