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We all know Google right!? you may have even used the term ‘Google it’ or ‘Google My Business’ yourself but as a business did you know the importance of Google Maps and how you can find more local clients by using this feature correctly? In this post I will give you the Holy Grail in tips to find more local clients with your Google Maps business listing.

It might be an area you have over looked in recent or not even looked at all (If it’s the latter ‘Tut tut to you’) Initially people think Google Maps is simply for Map use, for those moments when you hit a back road you do not recognise or you want to avoid stress inducing traffic but it’s so much more than that, it’s more than a simple route planner – it has opened the world to our finger tips, we can view streets via 360 degree methods, look upon far distant countries that you normally only see on travel documentaries and more importantly it puts you the business owner on the map, it puts your business in front of your customers and helps boost your online presence for the better.

Local SEO starts with Local Focused Content and Keywords

We all know that our own websites content must be relevant this is vital for good search engine optimisation (better known as SEO) but at same time you do not want to overlook the benefits of boosting your local SEO – this my friends is where ‘Google Maps’ comes in. Creating great content for your website as well as using Google Maps correctly is a winning combination for your local SEO output, this will make you winners in online rankings and with healthy competition ever growing you need these high rankings. Every time someone searches for a business in your area, in your field you want to come up, you want to be first in front of their eager eyes, you want them to want you, you want to sing the words Google My Business to the masses – so with that in mind my business professionals, follow my below easy steps and tips into making sure you find the clients you deserve. Take time to get this right and will see a positive effect very quickly.

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There are many areas to Google Maps that make you stand out from the crowd but the four main elements to an all singing, all dancing listing is below.

1. Claim your Google Maps My Business listing!
Please make sure all elements are filled out correctly! You may think this is obvious or you may be thinking ‘Has he gone completely bonkers’ but I can assure you this an area that is often over looked but a very foolish over sight as this is one of the most important areas for making Google Maps work for you. VERIFY listing, address and Phone Number! Read more.

2. Consistent NAP – Name, Address, Phone
Your basic information but this must be consistent & identical. A website with the correct NAP that’s identical on local citations (See step 4 below) is the basis for getting in the Google Maps top 3 – Now that’s a number you want to be at! You will also be awarded bonus points for having local schema mark up – here’s some more information.
NAP is important because it identifies businesses in the local area in which a person is searching, you will never fail to be seen again if you follow this step.

3. Get your customers to leave Google Maps Reviews
The number of reviews you have does affect your ranking on Google Maps, so it is highly possible to work your way to the top spot with use of reviews but don’t forget the other important steps, its imperative all are covered to give you maximum results. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for reviews, if they are happy with your service or product then they’ll be happy to sing your praises, reviews are important to any business.

4. Local Citations are great for local SEO
In simple SEO terminology a Local Citation is where your business is mentioned on other websites and locations found of the big world of the internet. These simple directory listings help boost your SEO massively and will help you rank better in local search results. Fond out more here.

Google maps is a long term local SEO strategy

In this modern, fast paced, technology driven generation being online is more important than ever, it sets you from the rest and enables you to salute your competitors with confidence as you have kept up with the way of the world. Google even though not everyone likes to admit it controls the web and with the creation of Google Maps they have handed you the business owner a very sturdy bow for your arrow, so set it up, implement correct strategies and go get that important business your company needs. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor was Google in fact ( it took them 3 years to see profit after their launch in 1998 #facttime) but with careful planning and using the tools you have to hand your business will see growth.

Final thoughts on promoting your business on Google Maps

There are other methods to using Google Maps properly that you can implement such as key wording being used within your contents titles – the higher up in your content its used the better for search purposes, providing your companies correct url to Google listing – do not ever delay updating your details, localising your landing page with correct contact details and location, do not use PO BOX as Google knows there difference between this and a real address format- trust me, have a local phone number to your business and lastly adding relevant categories to your listing that represents your business in correct light but these above four steps are simple, yet most effective and are your one way road to hitting top 3 on Google Maps. Follow my lead and you will make your mark on the ever growing world of Google and the vast world of the internet. Google My Business just got exciting … as you will be on it!!

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