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As a business owner or marketer you are surely away of the importance of Twitter in your social media strategy. In this post I’ll describe how to get more Twitter followers and help you find which twitter followers you want to help grow your business. That bit is important, it’s not about how many followers you have, but about whether they are your target audience and ultimately your target customer base.

Marketing plan template

Firstly, find out who you want to sell to. Not just an ambiguous industry like, say, hotels. Be specific, narrow the fields down to, for example, size of business, geographic location and services offered. From this you may end up with a business sector of small bed and breakfast establishments in the south of England, family run with space for no more than 30 guests. Then you can really start to picture the person you are trying to sell to, his working habits, his budget, his needs, his problems. Picture him in your mind, live a day in his life, build a marketing plan template around this one guy and you’ll start then to have in idea of how to sell to him. In this case, how to use twitter to sell to him.

So, you’ve decided to get more twitter followers in a certain niche, I’ll assume that as you’ve chosen whatever group your looking for that your product is relevant etc but I’m going to carry on with my Mr. Smith the guest house owner, and I’m an industrial laundry whose trying to sell my services to small hotels in the area, so I need to figure out how my service fits in with Mr. Smiths business needs. Mr Smith is going to have pain points relevant to me and I need to offer him solutions, help and advice. His problems are time and money. By tweeting, say, tips on quick stain removal, time management, small business tips and insights I’m going to get more twitter followers who are having these problems. Then by injecting the odd sales message or links to more information on my website ?these followers who have grown to know, like and trust me are going to be receptive to my messages.

Follow to gain more twitter followers – be gentle!

It goes without saying that by following people they mostly follow you back, but try not to do 1000 a day as it looks suspicious to the ever sceptical googlebots and they won’t all follow you anyway, and it doesn’t look good when you are following 20,000 but only have 12 following you, unless you are the US Government or Coca Cola Corp. I know this for a fact because I tried it and now MY twitter profile looks bad and like every good cobbler, I haven’t got time to fix my metaphorical children’s shoes.

So use the Twitter search for people function to look for your Mr Smiths and don’t just follow him, send a message, retweet and favourite his tweets. And if you are putting out some well thought out content your self, the same will happen to your tweets. I found this out when I started publishing content not just sales messages. I reckon that every 4 – 6th tweet can me a sales message if your content is good, maybe higher if your not sure how good your posts are. Just be yourself, give your brand a personality ?and be thoughtful and insightful, funny and inspiring – no pressure! But you’ll get more Twitter followers if you do, and the right sort too!

Never buy Twitter followers!

Never, ever buy twitter followers. Just don’t, OK? They may not do you any harm, but they sure as hell won’y buy anything and you are the company you keep, so don’t let the dross make you look bad. Geddit?