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Grow Your Email Lists with these Email Marketing Tips

When you look at the digital marketing opportunities that are available, email is still one of the best options for many businesses. It is affordable, effective and it offers an ROI that is unmatched by almost every alternative, especially with an email list cleaned with an email verifier tool.

Grow Your Email Lists with these Email Marketing Tips
With email marketing being as strong as ever, we think it is time for businesses to look for new ways to build on their email marketing strategy. If you are looking for some ways to take your email marketing to the next level, here are a few tips that can help you get there.

Keep Growing Your List

Building your subscriber list is not something you only do when you start out with email marketing. You should always be looking to add more subscribers.
Try asking your current customers and subscribers to refer your brand to a friend. You could even offer incentives for subscribers that forward your emails to friends. Add calls to action and links for the sign-up form to your blogs and social media posts. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, tell your customers about the benefits of signing up for the email list, and have paper forms for them to fill out.

Social Proof Your Email List

Social proof can be a powerful tool for influencing consumers to take different actions. When people see that a lot of other people are doing something, they naturally assume that there is a value in them following the crowd. Tell people to join the thousands of subscribers that have already signed up for the list. Try to get people talking about your brand on social media.

Use Social Media Functions

Email and social media can work well together. By connecting your email campaigns to social media, you can raise awareness for your emails and you can get some of your email subscribers to crossover to your social media. One of the simplest ways to do this is to add the social media icons to your emails, but there is more you can do.
You could use social media adds to attract more subscribers to your list. Post about your latest emails and add links to the sign-up form. Add links for people to retweet from your emails. You could also add the sign-up form for your email list to your social media accounts.

Make it Easy to Unsubscribe

You might want to keep as many people on your email list as possible, but there is no point in keeping people that are not interested. If you make it easy to unsubscribe, you are only going to lose people that were unlikely to open your emails anyway, and there are some benefits to making it easy. When subscribers see that it is easy to unsubscribe, it helps to build trust, and it reassures them that they are not committing to something that will be difficult to break away from.

Automate Your Campaigns

Automation is one of the keys to successful email marketing. With the wide array of email automation tools that are currently available, you can take much of the work out of email marketing, while also improving the success of your campaigns.

Automate messages that thank people for signing up and for making purchases. You could use automation tools to send emails based on customer behavior and to segment your audience for emails that are more relevant to different groups. You could also use tools that make it easier to verify new subscribers and manage your subscriber list.