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How to add products to your WooCommerce Website

Log into the WordPress Dashboard

To log into the WordPress Dashboard visit your website and in the address bar, after your website address, type “/wp-admin”. The full address should look something like this:

This takes you to the login screen where you can type in your username and password:
Wordpress Login Page

Add a Simple Product

To add a simple product to WooCommerce navigate to products in the left hand side dashboard and select “Add New”

Woo Commerce add new product in dashboard

The steps are very easy. The default setting for WooCommerce is “simple product” so all you have to do is:

  1. Add a product title
  2. Add a long description
  3. Add the main image
  4. Add a gallery
  5. Set the price
  6. Publish!

You may have shipping classes or a description to add, though most likely your web developer will have already configured these for you. I’m not going to go into too much detail about shipping here and will cover it in another blog post.

Congrats! you have just added a simple product to your WooCommerce website.

Adding a variable product to WooCommerce

Obviously this is going to be slightly more involved but the process is still relatively straightforward. Products will lots of variations can be quite intimidating, but it’s just a matter of treating each variation as a separate product and working through them.

Here’s how to set the variations:

Go through steps 1-4 from the Simple Product instructions, then in the WooCommerce box select “Variable Product” from the drop down menu:

Select 'Variable Product' from the WooCommerce drop down menu

You then need to go to the Attributes panel and click the Add button next to the dropdown that says “Custom Product Attribute”. Set your attributes in the box, separating each one with a vertical line, called a “pipe” which is found by typing Shift + Backslash(\). Use simple attribute names, for example your attribute could be colour, and your simply type:


Make sure you check the box that says “Used for variations” and hit the “Save Attributes” button.

Set the attributes in WooCommerce

Then we will add the variation details – go to the Variations page and select “Create variations from all attributes” in the dropdown menu and press go. This will create all the variations. If you have more than one attribute, say three “Colour” attributes  and two  “Size” attributes, then this will create 6 variations for your product:

  1. Blue + Small
  2. Blue + Large
  3. Red + Small
  4. Red + Large
  5. Grey + Small
  6. Grey + Large

Create variations from the attributes

You then need to give each variation a price. You can add an individual variation image, and many other attributes, and shipping classes. You can add variation attributes across the whole range from the dropdown menu, e.g. price, dimensions, shipping class etc. If you have a product with lots of variations you can set some of the recurring attributes here and save a bunch of time.

And that’s it! You can get started adding simple and variable products to your Woo Commerce website!