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Your website is your business premises online, and like any shop on the high street, without customers walking in off the street to make purchases, there is no business. Many businesses have a website, but many struggle with how to increase website traffic, or how to find any business from their online marketing. A shop front can put a sign on the pavement, or posters round town, or advertise. ?But what can a website owner do to attract customers? Here’s so tips on how to increase website traffic and find more customers and clients online.

How to increase website traffic with SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is the process of making your website pages appear in search engine results pages (SERPS) from providers such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The closer to the top of the ranking s you appear, the higher share of the website traffic you will get, and therefore the higher the share of customers. To do this you need to firstly decide what people will type in to the search boxes when looking for your business and services, and optimise the pages on your website to include those keywords and phrases. This article is way too short to give an in-depth report about on page optimisation, suffice to say it is not just a case of including the phrases as many times as you can across the site!

A great way of including as many of these keywords and phrases on your site is to write a blog. By including interesting tips, articles and news about your industry and business, search engines will judge your site to be an ‘Authority’ on the subject, especially if the articles you are writing have lots of other relevant websites referencing them with links to your pages. You can also find many more keywords and phrases by getting creative and writing less salesy, more helpful post – take this post for example: by adding the words “How to” to the keyword phrase “Increase Website Traffic” I have notified search engines that this is not a sales page but a post that is written to be helpful and informative. Also, I have increased the chances of my post being found because Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool tells me there are 1600 monthly searches for this term, but not much competition. This makes it a good keyword to optimise my page for.

How to increase website traffic - adwords keyword toolThis method of attracting website traffic is call content marketing and is currently one of the major strategies for online marketing for companies of all sizes.

How to increase website traffic with social media

Many businesses have a social media presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These social media presences can be used to promote your website, especially the blog posts you create to a wide audience. By posting links to your helpful and interesting web pages that give the answer a particular problem your target market may be experiencing, you can both attract visitors to your site, and because of the nature these social sites your articles may be shared. This is called ‘going viral’ and can be a great source of business, especially if the articles are shared on many times. Your website and social media posts stand a better chance of being shared by your audience if they include relevant, attractive and professional looking images or even video. A Facebook post with a good image is far more likeley to be read and shared than one that does not. Use you social pages to promote your website and to help and inform your potential customers.

Using Advertising to increase web visitors

Both search engines and social media sites have options for business to advertise. They are powerful and relatively inexpensive methods of increasing web traffic, and give detailed statistics on the performance of your ads, so you can see at a glance how well your campaign is going. Google’s Adwords is a very good way of attracting visitors to your website, as you are effectively paying for each visitor. Google has a very helpful tool to help you find keywords and create the ads, as we have already seen, so anyone can get their hands dirty and start promoting their website, although it is highly recommended that you get a professional to set up your campaign. An expert will create and run your campaign, making it highly effective and charge a small fee for this service. They will probably help you with the landing pages that the ads link to to make more conversions from visitor to customer. Here’s some more information on landing pages if you are interested.

If you are creative and inventive with your website and social media posts you will grow an audience to your website. These visitors will become fans and friends of the business, and not only buy from you but promote your services to their friends an other businesses. So if you are wondering ?how to increase website traffic, go ahead and start your content marketing campaign today. It may seem daunting but once you get into it you will enjoy both writing about your business and the results your efforts reward you with.