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Holiday Time Management for those who Work from Home – some things you can do to run your home business without abandoning your kids in the summer vacation.

Work from home? Got Kids? Going insane during the summer holidays? Yep – know how you feel!

Fortunately I’ve got a plan to help me to be a good supplier to my customers and a good dad to my son throughout the summer holidays. Here’s what I’m doing to get the job done, keep the pangs of guilt away by entertaining the young ‘un and keeping my sanity.

Time management

This is the big one – without getting topside of this everything else goes pear shaped straight away. The solution is painful, but there’s just no easy way around it – start early. I mean really early, like 5am early. Get up, get a coffee and get cracking. You will need to have a plan in mind and stick to it.

Schedule one important thing every day and make sure you do it.

No point in starting at the crack of dawn if you are just going to fritter the time away so be strict with yourself and work towards finishing that one major task.

  • Do not check your email or phone until you have finished
  • The time you have do complete the task will be governed by what time the kids arise, so you will know that you have 2 – 4 (or even 5) hours to get it done. If it’s a major piece of work that you know won’t get done then break it down into bite size chunks and set yourself a chunk a day.
  • Do not get distracted by any other work, housework or anything else until you are done.

You will be tired as hell the first few days, but this is offset by the wonderful feeling of achievement for having quickly and efficiently completed your major task of the day. You are now free to do the day to day running of your business, and supervise the children without too much stress or worry about things not getting done. Plan your days in advance too – I’ve allotted a few afternoons to activities with the family so there’s no if’s or buts, at 2pm on Wednesday we are going swimming and all work stops to fit it in. I’ve already achieved my major task of the day so anything else I can pick up on my return.


If you are not getting the major job of the day done for one reason or another, outsource it. If you are getting it done, and realise that most of your time is being taken up my minor little jobs that anyone could do, outsource them and free your time up to do the important things in your business and your life. You might even be kicking yourself for not having gone down this path before as suddenly your business becomes a lot more efficient without great expenditure.

There’s a whole host of places where you can outsource anything from general secretarial duties to appointment booking to web design. Fiverr, Peopleperhour and Freelance are great sites with a myriad services available, of you might want to hire a Virtal PA in a different continent on a more full time basis.

Eliminate Distractions

This will improve your productivity no end. Remember the clock is ticking before you are next required to perform your parental duties so don’t let anything get in your way. Switch off your phone, don’t read your email, keep away from Facebook and blog posts (even if they are full of essential business information like this one!) and get your head down until the work is done. You can always catch up an answering emails and voicemail later.

Does it really work?

It’s early days yet but so far work is getting done, fatherly responsibilities are being fulfilled and I feel relatively relaxed about it all. OK, yes it’s not my normal routine, and it takes some getting used to so actually stop work in the afternoon and play frisbee or Halo. But because I have made sure I’ve got my major job out of the way, I’m quite happy and so is the young un. If you have any tips or advice to share on working from home in the summer holiday, leave a comment below.

 Further reading

I found this book really inspirational and helpful: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod


Download your free Outsourcing Cheat Sheet Here!

Outsourcing-Cheat-SheetHere’s my free e-book on outsourcing to help your home business over the summer vacation. It’s full of information on getting the best help possible without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the summer holidays and good luck with running your business and your home whilst staying sane!Download