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Facebook for business?

Most companies and organisations have a facebook business page these days, some good , some bad. Although when I say bad I want to make one thing totally clear, the only way you can be totally ineffective on your business facebook page is by not publishing. That is so important it’s gonna get a headline:

The only way you can be totally ineffective on your business facebook page is by not publishing.

Yes, even by putting the most mundane, sporadic lifeless posts will have some positive effect on your business.

So it’s easy right?

Well, that depends on how effective you want to be. And on who you are. I split the Facebook for business users into these broad catagories:

  1. Those who were born on facebook and can build audiences with their eyes closed.
  2. Those who feel slightly uncomfortable but realise the potential, and do a good job.
  3. The next set are comfortable with the medium, but tend to only send outbound sales messages.
  4. The group who knew they should be ‘on Facebook’, set up a page and stalled
  5. and the fuddy duddies who think it’s just for kids and would never be caught dead online.

So where are you? I guess you’re a 2, 3 or 4, out looking for information to increase your knowledge and help sell on facebook, and I applaud you! If you’re a number 1, piss off back to your own blog or give me a link. The number 5’s won’t read this so we can tell them they smell of mothballs and have bad hair and although the rest of us haven’t got pensions, at least we have interesting sex lives. Where was I? Oh yeah… You want to know what works on Facebook, and is it possible to build your business – which means sell your products and services – on social media. If this paragraph hasn’t put you off, read on…

1. Make your social media marketing social

Don’t just send out sales posts – that doesn’t mean stop sending out sales messages, but make sure you interact with your fellow humans in cyberspace. Like their pages, comment on their posts, say hello, anything. Compliment them on their site, their pictures, their business – set the tone and make them receptive to your messages. Help them out with a problem, establish a common interest, hobby or preference. People aren’t on facebook just to post, they want a reaction, to be liked, to be talked about, just like you do. Give them what they want and they will return the favour.

2. Facebook is great for business

Your increased social signals will be noticed by the almighty Google and your website may jump up a few places. Make sure you post links to your website and blog (you do have a website with a blog, don’t you) and encourage traffic. Use images or video in your posts that encourage people to share – viral is the term – and that will increase your audience, and your traffic and ultimately your sales.

In the end, people buy from people they know, like and trust and your business’ Facebook page is an excellent way to get out and network. I’ll not say from the comfort of your desk because it still may be a daunting prospect to some. However, if you go out and build relationships with people, business will come your way sooner or later.

3. I haven’t got time to market my business on facebook

Really? Got a smartphone? Use an idle a moment and put out a post, make a friend or like a potential customer’s page. 5 minutes a day is enough to have an effect. Half an hour makes are real impact. Just be consistent and regular with your posting habits. Try posting at different times of the day and see which timeslots create the best reaction. But, like Nike say, just do it.

You can automate your posts with applications like Hootsuite or PostPlanner, so you can dedicate just half an hour a week to composing automated posts and add in smattering of socialising and viola! Your being effective. Told you it was easy.

If you want to know more about marketing your company through your Facebook business page, or would like me to handle it for you, give me a shout I’d be glad to help.