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City Strippers web design
I’ve mentioned before that I’ve recently got hold of Creative Suite CS6 and I’ve been putting it through it’s paces. This week I had a chance to try out Indesign for web design.

I love Indesign, it’s nearly always my weapon of choice for design for print, but I’ve never done any web work with it, and as it’s web/digital publishing features have been enhanced, and when faced with a client dropping in to design a home page from work already started in Indesign, it seemed the ideal opportunity to try and design a website in this package, so off I went.

In truth, all I really need is to get my ideas down in a coherent fashion, design the website and save the relevant parts in the correct file format – usually PNG or Jpeg – ready to upload. I wouldn’t try and export as html or anything, I suspect it would be easier to hand code rather than de bug it, and as I’m using the every trusty Ultimatum Theme in WordPress to design this web site it was never going to be an issue.

First thing was the logo, which ended up being done in Photoshop to get the right amount of bling, but then is was always going to be done that way, although I do like the way you can create a nifty bevel in Indesign so quickly, much better than Illustrator’s clumsier – read more powerful and complex – system. Here’s the finished item:

City-Strippers-Logo for website design



The I did the website design. The menu was going to be Ubermenu so all I needed was a rounded corner bar to represent it, and the background is a Jpeg so again Indesign only need it for proofing purposes.

So a layout was worked out, then created on the site and it was time for Indesign to really help out by creating, strangely, the images, which I guess most people would have done in Photoshop – but as Indesign can save as a PNG or jpeg, and it’s just so easy to build page layouts and import different images into the same format it made sense to carry on. So I made a document to the size I needed (400 x 200px), dropped 3 photos in, rotate and scale til it looks pretty enough, add a white keyline and drop shadow, export it and hey presto, it’s a web ready PNG! Save As for the next image and simply replace the images, repeat until you have a full set!

Strippers home page image

The results are rock solid web images in what seems to be my signature style, and a website complete in record time to a daft deadline. See the results at and feel free to comment.

Conclusion – Indesign is a great tool for my particular way of working – planning out and image creation so it’s a big vote of confidence to Indesign for web site design.