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Here’s a great tip for optimising your website for local search, and it’s real no brainer: start on page seo before anything else!

Does on page optimisation still work?

You bet it does, and here’s how I know for sure:

I’ve been commissioned by Print Engine UK Ltd to build a new site for their client Mantelpiece Fireplaces. They had only just completed their new site on the day I went to see them and, no offence to the employee who built the site, it wasn’t fit for purpose so we started again, building on the great brand that the company has and really ensuring the site worked for the business. Part of the deal was an SEO package including an on-site SEO shakedown to improve rankings.

I’ve completed the build of the web site design on my test server and done most of the on page SEO and whilst waiting for the client to give final approval to upload the new site to the URL I had an email from a potential customer from the web enquiry form on the new site! What great proof that the on -page SEO was doing it’s job as the only people who know the URL to the test site are myself and the customer, so someone had obviously been searching, in this case for a new gas fire and surround, and found my TEST site over the companies actual website – and all the competitors. Cool, eh?

The moral of the story – start with on page SEO . I’ll do a DIY how to in my next post, or if you really can’t wait why not drop me a line and I’ll talk you through it, see the contact page.