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Why should you hire a freelance web designer?

hire a freelance web designer

Well, there’s loads of reasons to hire a freelance web designer, or any freelancer for that matter. We are a bunch of eager, capable and caring experts that are ready to work just for you. We come into your business and add our skills to your pool of professional services without great expense or faffing about. We can’t wait to work for you and nothing is too much trouble. Here’s six reasons why you should hire a freelance web designer.

Freelancers are Cheaper

A freelance web designer will always be cheaper than going to an agency – in fact many freelancers do the work you pay an agency through the nose for anyway! Our businesses are just cheaper to run, lower rent, wages and general expenses mean that the lower cost of running the business gets passed on to you, the customer, with the same level of expertise delivered. You also get much more work out of a freelance when you hire them, as they will always do a myriad of minor tasks for free where a larger organisation will charge you for the work, no matter how minor the task is.

Freelancers care more about your business

Freelancers both value you business, and also care greatly about you and your success. We get closer to you in the process of working on the projects, feel more responsible for the results you get and therefore deliver a very high standard of work. Because we put a lot more thought and love into your project, your business will benefit with a more effective website, marketing campaign or whatever it is you have hired us to do.

Communication is simpler

It’s simple to deal with a freelancer, because you always speak directly to the person who is doing the work! Instead of a game of Chinese Whispers you get at a larger agency, where you deal with an account manager, who reports to a department head who passes on your instructions to the worker (who is probably an outsourced freelancer anyway). ?You always know that your conversation or email communication is going straight to the right person who will respond quicker with any queries if they don’t understand.

Your work gets done quicker

Because there is no chain of communication then the work naturally gets done quicker. Plus it’s likely that a freelancer will have far less work on than a client hungry agency so will have more time to spend on your project, and still complete the tasks in a shorter period of time!

Freelancers are Always Available

Freelancers work longer hours than office bods, so this helps speed up the time it takes to complete your project. As we are generally working late into the night we are receptive to out of hours calls, which you may find useful as you can take more time to go over instructions or just fit this work around everything else far more conveniently. Agencies tend to be strictly 9 – 5 offices so anything that you need doing in a hurry, or didn’t get round to that day, will just have to wait!

You get the same level of expertise as with an agency

As I mentioned before, many freelancers are outsourced by larger agencies as they are cheaper, and well, what with all the great reasons to use freelancers that we’ve already mentioned, why wouldn’t they hire us to do their work cheaply, efficiently and conscientiously?

?So there are huge benefits to hiring a freelance web designer for your business, there are many ways to find the right one for you, look locally on Google, or maybe visit a professional resources site like Elance or People per Hour where there is a vast pool of talent to draw on.?