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mobile website designResponsive web design is a must these days as we all have a variety of different devices to access the internet – I myself have an iMac at the printers in Newark, a Mac Mini for website design at my home office, a notebook, a PC and my iphone (all we need now is a tablet and it’d be full set!) and of course it’s essential to not just have a website that renders correctly on all devices but that engages your audience ad drives them to the goal of your site – whether it’s a sale, a follower, or a message/phone call. The question I ask my self is this:

Do I design a fully responsive site and a mobile site?

The reason I debate is this – will a mobile user have a different requirement to a pc browser? Certainly a visitor from a smartphone may only want to call you, which an iPhone (I can’t say if Android phones do this, not having one) will let you do, which is why it’s important to always have your phone number as text, not in an image or as a .png/graphic. But do they only want to call or get a google map so they can navigate the last 500 yards of their journey to your door (in which case they are already in your sales funnel or are customers, or even employees with terrble memories) so do they need all the sliders, graphics, fancy styling and calls to action? Do they just need what is essentially a Google places page – map, address, phone, open hours and confirmation that you provide whatever they were looking for?

As time gose on responsive web design and mobile web design will probably merge ever closer but will the smart money give the smart phone user what they really want, not just serve up the standard website, only smaller? In the past I have done a seperate web design for mobile using simpler, responsive themes with just the body text (for seo, of course!) and the contact information to ensure that the site can be accessed and load quickly even in remote areas with bad signal, so the site never drops a visitor.