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Free Website Template ‘Ripley’

Here’s a free website template – ‘Ripley’. Despite having a decidedly Aliens theme, this simple website template can be used for any business.

Ripley Web design homepage free website template

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What’s included in the Ripley Website Template?

The website template includes:

  • Homepage
  • Inner Page with Sidebar
  • Full Width Page
  • Contact Page

All the source files and code is included for you to amend as you wish.

The site is based on Bootstrap 4.0.0 as is a hand coded, completely original design.

How to use the Ripley web design template

The Ripley Logo

To replace the logo you will need 2 image files – one in colour, the other white. These should be PNG files ideally with pixel dimensions of 229 x 38px. The easiest way to replace them is to create the 2 files in PhotoShop, Illustrator or whatever graphics program you use and call them the exact same names as they are now and replace the existing files. That way the site can just be refreshed and your logos will replace the current ones. 2 logos are needed due to the colour change of the navbar when scrolling.

The Background Images

Add your images to the /images folder and update the ‘ripley.css’ file located in the /css folder. The top image is either the .jumbotron or the .page-header. You can have different images if you like. Simply replace


with the name of your image once you have added it to the images folder.

I recommend making background images 1950px wide as a medium quality .jpeg or .jpg file. This way you get a good quality background image that still allows the page to load quickly.


The forms are not included as working – you will need to add your own php files etc once you have uploaded the site.

Google Map on the Contact Page

You can replace the Google map with your own – just replace the embedded code with your own code from Google Maps. Remember to make the width 100{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a}.

Uploading the Web template to your hosting

You will need an FTP connection to upload the site to your hosting server. I use Filezilla which is free to use and very reliable. Download Filezilla for free here:

Questions or help with the Ripley Website Design?

No support is provided for the theme, but if you do have any bug fixes, or really do need some help the email me at and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

Need a custom website template designing? No problem!

Give me a call on 07557 902389, email me on or contact me to discuss your requirements.

You can see my web design portfolio or ask about my white label web design service.

Free Download Now Preview

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