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If you have not reviewed your methods of commercial prospecting for years, you have undoubtedly noticed a drop in efficiency in your actions. Now it’s important to use the best SEO agencies or Magento Ecommerce agencies to support you on your website to generate more leads.

Your website, no matter how it was designed or the technology on which it is based, needs to be optimized for

  1. Attract your visitors
  2. Convert them into qualified leads.

Already generating traffic? It’s good. But beyond the number of visitors, you must aim to attract good traffic to your site: that is to say, visitors corresponding to the typical profile of your ideal client.

To make a good search through your website, we give you detailed advice to attract more qualified traffic.

Savvy Tips to Generate More Leads with Your Website

Define prospecting objectives

Setting up a website with a corporate blog becomes the norm for any digital marketing and marketing strategy.

However, too many companies still only have so-called “showcase” sites, which could also be called “catalog” sites or “brochure” sites. Customers go to your site to learn about your products, but if you only talk about yourself, and do not capture them when they ask questions, as do 80{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} of consumers and 89{c2da33a4627ac09e3e358486e403b929ebe257e292cd0cabc99a2d1fded7bd3a} in B2B, you will only receive a small portion of the leads.

Before talking about content, targets and calls to action, let’s focus on your goals. By looking at your current sales statistics, you can already draw a simple plan. You know your revenue, the number of customers, the average basket, the sales cycle, the customer acquisition cost and the number of prospects in your database. If this is not the case, I strongly advise you to set up a CRM.

  • To reach the turnover “CA this year”, you need “X” new customers “.
  • To reach these X new Customers you need “N” Prospects (because you know your average conversion)
  • And to reach “N” prospects, you will need to generate “V” visits on your website, or on your Blog. If you do not have a website yet, meet a SEO agency or the first few months should give you an idea of ​​the number of visits needed to generate qualified leads.

It will now industrialize your processes to transform these interested prospects, and collect all the order forms that will allow you to reach the targeted turnover!

Define your personas and an editorial strategy to publish adapted content

A person-what?

The persona, as we explain in this article, is a fictional representation of a target group (your ideal client). Depending on your activity, the depth of your ranges, you may identify multiple target groups. We advise you to create up to 5 personas or more depending on the sector of activity and if you have an international presence, focusing on a principal to start.

Without a clearly defined and identified persona, it will be impossible to naturally bring qualified prospects to your site.

An adapted editorial strategy

Each of your personas is defined by different issues, habits, purchasing power. You market your offer differently depending on your targets; for your editorial strategy it’s the same.

Your different customers, prospects have different expectations; you will need to address them differently and this on several forms of content and content called premium. Be careful, this is not about promoting your business or making branded content, but about responding to Internet users with expert content.

In your catalogs, you will not use the same visuals, the same tone, the same colors for a fifty-year-old passionate about vintage automatic watches and a woman, thirty-year-old, who swears by fancy jewels.

This should be reflected in your blog: articles topics, keywords used should be in tune with the habits of your consumers, their research on the web (we talk about SEO, see below) and must respond to all problematic of your shopping tunnel, at every step.

Track # 1 – Optimize SEO in Search Engines (SEO)

The SEO strategy comes back in all the discussions as soon as we approach the subject of the presence on line.

This is indeed the basic element of your presence on the Internet. Without a good SEO (SEO) you have little chance that your prospects arrive on your website.

A good SEO strategy, one that will generate qualified leads on your website, must focus on the keywords sought by your ideal prospect.

Overall, SEO is defined by a selection of techniques and strategies designed to improve the positioning of your website in search engines.

To properly reference your website on Google and search engines, it is important to optimize 4 criteria according to the keywords entered by your prospect:

  • The contents. Your site must imperatively make clear the keywords on which you want your prospects to find you.
  • Backlinks. Those are links that point to your website. When they emanate from trusted site and that they are in number, Google understands that your site is of quality. It is therefore more likely to land in the first page.
  • The technical structure. To attract more leads, your site must be logically structured. It is thus easier to understand for search engines and prospects.
  • Internal links. Always looking for efficiency, search engines and prospects must be able to easily navigate between the internal pages of your website.

If you want to optimize your online presence and generate more qualified leads, I recommend you check out the following articles:

The basics of natural referencing

How to write content optimized for the web

Track # 2 – Promote your content on social networks

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook – to name a few – bring together billions of users. Among them is necessarily hiding one of your prospects. It is therefore important that your posts, messages and articles reach them.

The main objective is to publish your content on social networks in order to encourage the most qualified users to visit your website.

To generate more qualified leads on your website, you need to share quality content. The form is just as important as the content of your site. By precisely studying the expectations of your prospects, you can offer them relevant messages.

Whether it is to inform about your activities, to educate on your new product or to entertain your prospects, ask yourself the following question: “If I were in the place of my prospects, would this message be of interest to me?”

If the answer is anything other than “yes”, rework the content or abstain!

To go further: How to communicate well on social networks?

Track # 3 – Invest in Online Advertising Campaigns

The advantage with the 2 previous tracks is that they will only cost you time and a lot of work. The disadvantage is that the benefits will not be immediate and you will often have to wait a few months before generating your first prospects.

If you are forced to generate more qualified prospects in the very short term on your website, the best solution is to invest in online advertising campaigns.

For that, you have several options at your disposal: you can make sponsored campaigns on social networks like Facebook or directly in the search engines, mainly Google with Google AdWords.

The advantage is that once you have created your advertising campaign, the first visitors will arrive instantly on your website will generate your first qualified prospects in the process.

Track # 4 – Go to Inbound Marketing

In the early 2000s, marketing techniques focused primarily on mass mailing of messages to identified targets.

This involved a large-scale broadcast on media now called “traditional media”: radio spot, 4-by-3 display, television commercials to name only the most famous.

The commercial prospecting was then based on cold calls that resulted, in the best case, a pitch and then an appointment. The sales cycle was spread over several weeks to several months depending on the maturity level of the prospect.

On the contrary, the Inbound Marketing methodology aims to attract the prospect to you rather than chasing after you.

Concretely, Inbound Marketing is about creating content that addresses the issues of your prospects in order to attract them to your website. Then, through the configuration of a conversion tunnel, you retrieve their contact information by offering them to download premium content such as a white paper to send them ultra-personalized communications to convert them into customers.

Your best SEO agency must constantly assist you to make your website your best ally for prospecting.

With the Internet and social networks, your prospects have become accustomed to searching the information themselves on the internet to conduct their own purchase thinking. They are no longer content to consult the information you impose on them in unwanted communications.

It is essential to understand this paradigm shift for good prospecting.

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi

is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech,, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.