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Clicks Magazine Issue 61

In this issue:

  • How your business can benefit from chatbots
  • 8 Smart ways to power your business with Automation
  • How to create killer local content
  • Why your free consultation offer sucks

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Clicks marketing magazine cover 61by Jeff Guest Web Design Alfreton

How to Create Killer Local Content for Your Business

In the days before the internet, local marketing was simple. You paid for a listing in your local Yellow Pages, printed flyers, and maybe took out an ad in the local paper. People knew who you were and where you were. Then web marketing came along and changed everything and over the years, Google and other search engines keep changing the algorithm. Now, they prioritise local search over everything else.  What does that mean? In short, it means that creating compelling local content isn’t optional. Read on to learn how to create content that your audience AND Google loves.

Why Your Free Consultation Offer Sucks (And How To Fix It!)

A Free Consultation can be your best marketing strategy – It’s a way to convince first-time visitors to your site to dive right in and hire you, retain your services you or purchase your product. There’s just one problem with that – it’s not enough. And if your primary (or only) lead magnet is a free consultation, there are some things I’m willing to bet you’re doing wrong.  If your free consultation offer isn’t blowing up your calendar, here are some things you can do to get it on track.

8 Smart Ways to Power Your Business with Automation

Before automation was possible, people had to do everything by hand. 

It took a long time – and once we realized that we could automate repetitive tasks, we never looked back.  So, the question I have for you about automating your business is a simple one: What are you waiting for?  We’ll discuss 8 ways to power your business with automation – and boost your bottom line.

How your business can benefit from Chatbots

2019 has been the year of the chatbot. Businesses who have adopted the chatbot trend have been able to support and scale their business operations by offering convenient and efficient communication to their customers. Implementing chatbots has also helped businesses increase their sales, by providing 24/7 chat support to customers who need questions answered before they buy. So, what is a chatbot and how can your business benefit from one? Sit tight! We’re about to unpack everything you need to know. 

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