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Website case study - peak roofs

Web Design Case Study – Peakroofs.co.uk website redesign

Peak Roofing (Midlands) Limited had been struggling for some time with their online marketing. They have been a client of mine in the past and at one time decided for a change in direction. However, the move didn’t prove to be a successful one and as the return on investment on their marketing declined, they hired a succession of experts to help them and had a new site developed.

Unfortunately the moves didn’t help and enquiries dwindled. we eventually came into contact with one another and we decided that the new site was not fit for purpose, and was probably responsible for the lack of conversion from PPC traffic.

We immediately set about a new design for the site, making sure that the design represented the company in a professional light that was lacking in the current site, and guided visitors to making enquiries with strong calls to action.

Speed was also an issue, with a very slow load time due to the designer using a popular drag and drop WordPress framework. These are useful tools, but the ‘automatically’ generated pages suffer from code bloat (or ‘div-itis’) – too many additional lines of code. These many lines of extra code, plus the drain that the plugin itself has on the site must have been making visitors ‘bounce’ away as they lost patience waiting for the site to load.

We kept the site based on WordPress, but hand coded a nice, clean HTML5 theme and made sure all images, scripts and files were optimised and compressed. The result is a site that loads in a few seconds, is appealing to the eye and directs visitors to take action. Lester and Ellie are very happy with their new website!

By Jeff Guest on Thursday, December 10th, 2015

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