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seven deadly sins website design tipsThese seven deadly sins of website design are terrible crimes but prevent your website ranking in search engines. Either that or they actively turn visitors away. These are often overlooked factors only back stopping your business from growth and profitability. In short, they are costing you money.

One. Responsive web design not present

Come on – how many people smartphones these days? Over 50{f5b33d95f7f254b1589baa1fdbba1c06f1c4679eb1514e4c27da6e662326cefe} of web traffic phones and tablets. So by not having a website that caters for the needs of mobile users are turning away over half of your potential business.

Google’s algorithm update of April 2015 specified that responsive web design will be given preferential treatment over long responsive web designs all sites with mobile versions. Essentially Google are telling us to move to responsive web design all suffer the consequences. Websites with mobile versions I’m not deemed acceptable anyway, to make them truly affordable mobiles you have to do rewrite your content all find the best content from mobile users to avoid duplicate content issues. Why bother, when you can you give users a rich and rewarding experience off your website simply by using responsive design techniques.

Two. Slow loading website

Instant gratification is no longer fast enough these days people expect everything now and they haven’t got time or patience to wait for your site to load. Show website doesn’t load in 3 to 5 seconds your visitors will hit the back button go buy something from your competition instead. Big problem!

A slow loading website public by:

  • Your hosting company
  • Poor coding
  • Large images
  • Waiting for scripts to load


You’re hosting company could be responsible for Your slow loading speed check with your current host and maybe compare options available with others support providers. I use who provide a great service–site loading speed is never an issue and the customer support is second to none.

Code bloat

If you are using a website builder such as Wix or a drag-and-drop website all WordPress theme your site could be suffering from being overloaded with unnecessary code. These website design tools our fantastic tools that allow anybody the matter what their skill level is to put out a good-looking website. However these automatic code generating programs at many lines were necessary code ( HTML ) which naturally takes longer if your browser to read answering the site down. The only answer is to have your website professionally coded was good clean HTML and CSS and don’t even think about adding any in-line styles!

Large images

Pictures really do tell a thousand words –however large and unoptimised images can really slow website down. Many content management systems up hello uses to upload images and serve up reduced versions of them depending on the Editors choice. This is a very useful tool there is better to upload your images at the correct size better still optimise them before upload as well. There are many free online resources for optimising images such as or

Waiting for scripts to load

Websites with functions and image sliders can be slow to load due to your browser processing the scripts that before rendering the page to show you. This can easily fixed by simply moving scripts to the bottom of the website such as in the footer. Personally, I hate sliders and always prefer Hero section with clear messages complimentary images and clear calls to action.

Three. Thin content

Yes this second time today pictures paint 1000 words (and ironically I seem to be risking myself duplicate content but then again I haven’t read item for yet) and it’s much nicer to see your website with nice and beautiful descriptive images and who can be bothered read pages and pages of text anyway? Well, Google bots can. They love text. And they hate pictures.

In fact all Google can see of your website is lives in lines of code and it knows how to read the text is in that code, But it doesn’t know how to read images. Google’s algorithms use the text on your site and the keywords in that text to judge whether you are good result for the search term there visitors are using. No text, No keywords, no appearing in search results, end of.

I will means illustrate your site with lots of beautiful images don’t forget to fill your pages with at least 300 words per page and include the keywords so Google love you and put your site into the search results.

Four. Duplicate content

You will burn in Hell this one you lazy arse! It theft. It’s idle. And it’s letting your competition tell everybody about your company. Google is very strict on duplicate content and only one webpage per perceived a set of content will rank. The other pages with the same content appearing on them will go nowhere. So just don’t do it okay?

If you really can’t be bothered all you just not very good at writing you can pay $5 per page from all people per hour where someone with creative talent and excellent writing ability will write webpages for you. Your original well crafted content Full of the keywords that you’ve researched help your site rank better in search engines.

Five. Bad website design

As a web designer you may think that I would’ve put this one higher up the list, but the preceding deadly sins have prevented anyone from even reaching your website, let alone vomiting all over their keyboard because of the poor design you have.

There is an art and science to website design. It’s more than just pixels on screen it’s a moment of truth when a visitor has to decide whether to buy from you or go visit your competition. Your one chance to get it right so make sure you do get it right. Make sure your website it Is designed to appeal to target audience, that you answer their needs and give them clear calls to action – more on that next…

Six. No calls to action

Calls to action or CTAs are The moment of truth within the mountain of truth I just mentioned. This is the goal of your website. This is what you want every visitor on your sites to do. You want them to buy? Show them where. Want them to contact you? Make it easy.

Clearly signpost what you want your visitors to do make it easy for them to do it. A big button with the desired action in a bright colour that stands out against the rest of the website is all you need.

Sometimes you can have a secondary button don’t overdo the calls to action as to much choice as bad as non-at all. Given the confusing array of choices any person Will generally opt to choose non-of them and go somewhere else to remember to keep it simple as well.

Seven. No keywords

Keywords are the currency of search. If the words and phrases that people type into search engines were looking for your products or services don’t appear on your webpages you won’t get found for them result–no traffic no customers.

Keyword research might not be the easiest most interesting job in The world especially now Google has taken it’s football home and remove a lot of the data Products keyword research tool. Bings keyword research tool is still free but there’s a reason why Bing is second to Google and everything–it’s not very good. Anyway you can get real data from googles keyword research tool is to have an active i.e. being paid for adwords campaign you can only have one account per website so anybody who does keyword research for a living is fairly well stuffed. There are paid for keyword research tools available. Guess where they get their data from for? You guessed it– Google. Time will tell how good these search Engine services continue toWhilst Google is for withholding its data.

However without keywords on your website that visitors are actively searching for i.e. not one you just made up as they sound good you will struggle to get any significant traffic. Do some basic keyword research and make sure they appear on Your page title, in the body of the text and in the meta and tag descriptions. I recommend building sites with WordPress and using the free plug-ins like Yoast or Squirrelly. These tools Will tell you if you have a well optimised page and help you amend the meta descriptions on page titles and squirrelly what even do keyword research for you and find appropriate images to litter your blog posts with.


So there you have it the seven deadly sins of website design. Are you a sinner? Will you and your website burn in flames of hell, or even worse appear after page 2 of Google search results?

Sometimes even having one of these problems on your site can be am end of life event for it and you have to start from scratch. However getting on page optimisation right is totally worth it and is a gift that keeps on giving. In time the return on investment for having the patience and foresight to Build your site correctly Will pay you back 1000 times. You can have a web design agency or SEO company look over your site, usually free, and let you know if there are any issues. And like I say the cost of fictional issues it’s totally outweighed wait by the increase in business you can enjoy when you don’t commit any of the seven deadly sins of web design.