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landing page design“What is a landing page, and why does my website need one?” I hear you say. Well I don’t, but I imagine you saying it and that’s good enough.

A landing page is a page on a website designed specifically to receive traffic from a certain location or source. This could be for an offer, the page may be for a product or service. The traffic the page receives could be planned as well, possibly from an email list, advert or social media sources.

Web design – quick and to the point!

Either way the page will have a specific goal in mind, which is nearly always going to be a ‘conversion’ – i.e. to convert a visitor into a customer or subscriber or to move the visitor into the next stage of the sales cycle, whatever that might be. It is vitally important that the visitor finds what they expect to see. For example, if a visitors clicks on an advert for, say, half price widgets but lands on a page displaying something else, even if it is widget related, they will click away straight away, resulting in a high bounce rate – which is bad. A ‘Free Sample’ banner must lead to ‘get your free sample here!’.

It’s best to only have one theme/product per landing page so as not to dilute the message, some landing page designs don’t even feature navigation, so there are only 2 actions a visitor can take – click away or follow the instructions, which are usually a button to click or a form to fill in – more of this later.

Great landing page design says it all before we read the text

Obviously the design of the page needs to be relevant and attractive. You’ve got seconds to keep your visitor interested, so the page must load quickly and really grab the attention, and get the message across clearly and succinctly without any ambiguity.

  • repeat the offer, so we know we’ve arrived at the right place.
  • imagery to reflect the subject or of the product
  • Clear call to action – form or button – so we know what we are supposed to to

The example shown – Manpacks – is a great landing page design. The girl is exactly what the intended audience likes to see, a single bloke likes a pretty girl (course we married blokes don’t even notice her….) and the headline speaks to the pain – ‘Part time girlfriend’ and a very easy way to solve the problem – just click the button. She’s even holding one of the products ( a nodder, tee hee!) so lazy single bloke that can’t even be arsed to wash his skids doesn’t even have to read the text. Yep – Manpacks really thought about this one.

So the headline reminds us why we are there, the imagery, copy and design created the desire, which leaves us with the holy grail of landing pages…

The Call to Action

The whole intention of the landing page is to get the visitor to perform the specific action, as mentioned before either buy, subscribe or find out more, and the call to action is crucial. A big button with ‘get the thing you came here for’ is what we are talking about. We may have to fill in a form first so keep the form short, when we want something instant gratification is too slow, we want it faster than that, so a long drawn out form will put off any visitors:

  • Email
  • Name

Cool Deals show us how – note the enticing headline, happy lady pleased because her computer made her money, and contrasting box for the call to action that catches the eye, and if we are still hesitating, we are told how easy it is.

There is additional information on this page, but it appears mostly below the fold so as not to distract form the main goal. Submit – very apt!

Design the perfect landing page

15-landing-page-examples-lead-generation-hubspotIt needn’t be too difficult to build a great landing page that converts. Hubspot and Infusion soft do them very well, although these are pricey services and out of most peoples financial reach – but having said that they do offer everything you need to run multiple online marketing campaigns successfully.

For the rest of us your average CMS all the tools will be there and enough example on line show us the way – or ask a designer to build one for you (I know one!).

There you have it folks, great landing page can be yours. Put some thought into the process, where the traffic is coming from and how best to appeal to get the visitor to complete the desired task and voila – conversion success is yours. Good, eh?